Photo of the day #13 – Gilles Delafon de La Nouvelle Edition

Je suis très honoré d’avoir quelques photos qui soient diffusées sur la page Facebook de la Nouvelle Edition de Canal + dont j’ai pu photographier les coulisses la semaine dernière, certains le savent si vous me suivez sur Instagram. Ce fut l’occasion de rencontrer un journaliste que j’admire depuis longtemps : Gilles Delafon, je l’écoutais dans la Matinale de Canal il y a quelques années pour mieux comprendre les enjeux géo-politiques qu’il expliquait comme personne.

Photo of the Day #11 – Colors of Salvador

This is the 101st post on this blog, I guess the learning phase is past now. This picture was shot upon my arrival in Salvador, when we boated in direction of Salvador’s Bay. Color is what strikes you most in Salvador, I can’t believe I only saw black and white potential.

Photo of the Day #6 – Papeete’s Run

As part of my Facebook Black & White Challenge, nominated by Jérémy Marais. I would love that Kamil Tamiola from Alpine Photography, Helene Pambrun and Ludovic Etienne accept my challenge, as they are in their own style 3 of the best photographers I have ever met. I’m late on this, I guess you guys already participated or decline, we’ll see 😉 The Black & White Facebook Challenge : Post 4 black & white pics in 4 consecutive days on facebook Nominate 3 Photographers on day 1 to keep up the chain