How to optimize your photo uploading and spend more time shooting ?

Let’s be honest for a minute, I get way more fun shooting PSG football players than publishing this work on my blog and social media accounts. And if you’re reading this you are probably in the same spot : you have to prepare your next shooting and maybe you’ll cut the 30 – 45 minutes of uploading and publishing on your facebook profile, facebook page and twitter account.

But a good social media presence is mandatory for your communication now and maybe you’ll miss great opportunities if you don’t do that… So how could you cut this painful process in half ?

Introducing Pixlater

Pixlater is a web tool that enables to upload photos and schedule posts once and for all so you don’t have to think about it. Let’s say it’s the Buffer for photographers.

click on the image to access pixlater

1. Easy Login.

No credit card required, I like that :

2. Connect your social media accounts

Facebook profile, groups, pages, and twitter accounts are easily connected, nothing fancy here I was expecting this setup.

3.  Upload a picture and feel the magic

4.  Schedule your post

Don’t forget your tags for search optimization :


Finally schedule the upload :

I’ve tried the service this morning and everything is really smooth. Pixlater is in public beta version and still free, so jump in if you’re convinced because I’m sure it won’t stay free for long.

In the meantime, get out of here and shoot some more 🙂

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